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Directeur:Alejandro Brugués,Joe Dante,Mick Garris,Ryûhei Kitamura,David Slade
Acteurs:Mickey Rourke, Richard Chamberlain, Adam Godley, Orson Chaplin, Eric Nelsen, Kevin Fonteyne, Maurice Benard, Tangie Ambrose, Belinda Balaski, Lucas Barker
Durée:1 saat 59 dakika

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Synopsis film Nightmare Cinema 2018 :

Mick Garris directs the linking sequences set in a cinema theatre where Mickey Rourke is the projectionist and the audience are lured in to view films which feature strangely familiar characters. The Thing in the Woods, directed by Alejandro Brugués is a pastiche which throws in every cliche from slashers to alien spiders. Mirare directed by Joe Dante deals with the weirder aspects of cosmetic surgery philia, taking it far beyond any logical conclusion. Mashit directed by Ryûhei Kitamura takes place in a Boarding School where staff and pupils are possessed by Demons. This Way to Egress directed by David Slade is filmed in dark monochrome, a woman loses touch with reality and seems to have crossed into a frightening parallel universe. Dead directed by Mick Garris is set in a hospital where a boy fights evil spirits and a real life murder.

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